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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

You get asked to login to view search results. Select Hymns, Anthems or Voluntaries on the left hand menu and do a keyword search or select "Display all". The site will then ask you for your username and password before showing you the results.

How do I listen to the music on this website

There are three ways:

  • Windows Media Player: If you computer is running windows, you should be able to play WMA files through Window Media Player
  • RealPlayer/RealOne: If you do not have Real player/Real One on your computer, you can download it free from the Internet at
  • Mp3: These files can be played through almost any music playing software, or you could download files to your MP3 player and carry them around with you

How can I download the music files onto my computer, so that I don't have to be connected to the Internet when I want to listen to them?

If you are unable to download it by clicking on the 'Download' button, use the right-click button on your mouse and select 'Save target as' and select a place on your computer to save the file. The WMA is the smaller of the files, although Mp3's have better quality, usually CD quality.

What are RealAudio, WMA, & MP3 files?

These are audio files that you can listen to via your computer. RealAudio and WMA files are compressed and are comparable to radio quality music. MP3 files are compressed and are comparable to CD quality music.

What is "Streaming", and can I "Stream" on this site?

Audio streaming means that audio files can be played at the same time that they are downloaded from a site. Basically it means that you can listen to audio quicker and easier than non-streamed audio. On this site site, the mp3 audio clips are the recommended format for quick and easy listening.

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