Trumpets and soloists

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If your church has an organ, this will be the obvious mainstay of the music at your wedding, from

  • playing before the service begins
  • playing the bride into the church
  • accompanying hymns
  • playing while the register is being signed
  • playing something triumphal as the couple leave the church

However, it is important to make sure that

  • the instrument is up to the job
  • it has been tuned recently
  • the organist is able to play what you want

If you want to bring in your own organist, there may be a fee payable to the resident organist. Your priest or vicar will tell you this. The organist will probably be only too happy to advise you on your choice of music for the wedding, and will suggest music which is in his/her repertoire and abilities. Don't be afraid to ask for something from this site which the organist has not suggested: he or she can only say no, but may be very willing to learn for the occasion. If the church doesn't have an organ, there may well be a piano instead, which can be used to accompany the hymns.
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If there is a resident choir at the church, you may like to book them also. There will usually be a fee for this, depending on the size of choir you want to book. (You will probably be used to hearing this by now!) Again, consult the organist or choirmaster who will know the strengths and weaknesses of the choir. If you choose something from this site which is unfamiliar to the choirmaster, they may not have the music for it either. Offering to buy the sheet music for the choir might well persuade them to learn it specially.
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Trumpets and Soloists

There is really no limit to what you can have at your wedding, although fitting a symphony orchestra in might create one or two problems! Having a trumpeter will certainly add something to the entrance of the bride, while a soprano soloist singing one of the many versions of "Ave Maria" may produce a tear or two.
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