God is gone up

Code: CWA01_02
Type: Anthem

Gerald Finzi

Length: 05:05
Place in service: Signing of the Register
Performed by: SATB Organ
Grading: Medium
Source of text: Words by Edward Taylor
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Style: Modern Century
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Original Text
God is gone up with a triumphant shout
The Lord with sounding Trumpets melodies
Sing Praise, Sing praises out
Unto our King sing praise seraphic wise
Lift up your Heads ye lasting Doors, they sing..
And let the King of Glory enter in.
Me thinks I see Heaven's sparkling courtiers fly
In flakes of Glory down him to attend
And hear Heart-cramping notes of Melody
Surround his Chariot as it did ascend
Mixing their music making every string
More to enravish as they this tune sing.

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