Welcome Sweet and Sacred Feast

Code: CWA03_03
Type: Anthem

Gerald Finzi

Length: 09:06
Place in service: Signing of the Register
Performed by: SATB Organ
Grading: Difficult
Source of text: Henry Vaughan
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Style: Modern
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Original Text
Welcome sweet and sacred feast
Welcome life! Welcome life!
Dead I was, and deep in trouble, But grace and blessings
came with thee so rife
That they have quickened even dry stubble
Thus souls their bodies animate
And thus, at first, when things were rude
Dark, void and crude
They, by thy word, their beauty had and date
All were by thee and still must be
Nothing that is or lives
But hath his quicknings and reprieves
As thy hand opes or shuts
Healings and cuts
Darkness and daylight, life and death
Are but mere leaves turn'd by thy breath
But that great darkness at thy death
When the veil broke with thy last breath
Did make us see The way to thee
Was't not enough that thou hadst paid the price
And given us eyes when we had none
but thou must also take us by the hand and keep us still awake
When we would sleep Or from thee creep
Who without thee cannot keep us still awake
When we would sleep Or from thee creep
Was't not enough to lose thy breath and blood
By an accursed death
But thou must also leave
To us that did bereave thee of them both
these seals the means that should both cleanse and keep us so,
Who wrought thy woe?
O rose of Sharon!
O the lily of the valley!
How art thou now, thy flock to keep
Become both food and shepherd to thy sheep

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