Rejoice and Sing (frolocket)

Code: CWA09_07
Type: Anthem


Length: 01:28
Place in service: Entrance of the Bride
Performed by: SSAATTBB Unaccompanied
Grading: Medium
Source of text: Christmas Sentence
Publisher: Faber
Style: Romantic
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Original Text
Frolocket, ihr Volker auf Erden, und preiset Gott!
Der Heiland ist erschienen, den der Herr verheisen.
Er hat seine Gerechtigkeit der Welt offenbaret. Halleluja
Translated Text
Rejoice! O sing praises to heaven, give thanks to God!
For He hath sent our Saviour, as the Lord hath promised.
He hath sent forth his righteousness to bring us redemption. Alleluia

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